The Photographer - Samantha Bartlett Photography

I attended Michigan State University and graduated in 2006. After all those years of schooling, I never used my degree, and I never felt like I loved that field of study. It wasn’t until years later that I rediscovered my creative side.

I am very passionate about photography.  I discovered that I am happiest when I create something beautiful.  Being a wedding photographer fits me very well, I love the ability to work independently and creatively; I love that my work is completely my own.  One would say that the style of my photography is clean and modern with a timeless element to it. Capturing moments and emotions in photos is what I do best.  One word of advice to brides is that when you are happy, your photos will look beautiful, I can only capture what is truly inside.  

We currently live in Louisville, KY. I have three adorable kids and a loving and supportive husband. If you are in town and interested in a photo shoot, please shoot me an email. You can also follow me on facebook (Samantha Bartlett Photography) or visit my blog.  Thank you!

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